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The Cazzetta family has, for four generations, safe guarded the tradition and experience, required to carefully cultivate olive trees and produce a range of premium quality extra virgin olive oils.

We believe in a blend of maintaining tradition, but also being attentive to new innovation that can improve the quality of the final product. This link between old and new ensures that new technologies and market trends don't simply replace the old traditions, which represent a very important source of culture and quality.

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Terra d'Otranto, is the historic name for the Salento area in which some of our Olive trees have been growing for more than one thousand years. On our family estate of more than 300 hectares we hold a rich legacy of olive trees.

These trees have thrived in the red soil, rich in nutrients watered by pure unpolluted rain and the winds of the Mediterranean sea. Here, the sun, the wind, and the mineral rich soil combine together to produce an olive oil blessed with unique flavour, fragrance and exceptional health benefiting properties.

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During the harvest that begins in October, the ripening olives are shaken from the trees into large nets held above the ground. The olives are then washed, placed carefully in containers and taken immediately to the mill.

On arriving at the mill, the olives are initially separated according to both their quality and the land they come from. This ensures that the unique fragrances, flavours and health characteristics of olives growing in different parts of the estate are retained.

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